Welcome to Union Industries :

The Company was originally established in 1973 in UAE as Limited Liability Company. We involved in design, fabrication and installation of aluminium curtain walls, doors and windows. We are also specialized in hot dip galvanizing for mild steel structures & pipes.

The Company operates primarily within UAE and over these years we have been associated with a great number of Architects and Consultants and worked on vast variety of prestigious landmark projects and clients for executing extremely quality jobs. It has experienced exponential business growth in the past few years and is expecting further growth potential in the market.

Besides our technical expertise in Hot dip Galvanizing and Aluminum fields, we cover Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding, Glazing, Automatic Doors, blasting and painting in our scope.

It was the vision set out by our Directors and later encouraged and sustained by our Managing Director, Mr. Talal Yousuf Mohammed Najibi that customer commitment and quality should be at the forefront and today we are known for it. As an independent company with strong, proficient management and personal commitment from our staff, we are able to bring the highest standards of quality to each project.


Quality Certification :
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